Placement Services:

Our workforce has one mission to fulfil to find the right people to meet our client’s specific requirements in the particular rung that you have a need and at the specific locations where you need people. From our experience we have learned that every company has its own culture, values and expectations of its employees. The better we understand you the easier it is to tailor our search and narrow down the field of candidates so that the rate of conversion is higher. We at Wings Placements partner with you to solve your short term and long term business objectives. Once we understand your requirement we are able to source the people with the right skill set, aptitude, attitude and commitment to help you achieve your goals. We also meet the offshore requirements of our clients who need highly skilled professionals to be deployed across the world to execute projects within desired deadlines. Every successful business is powered by a workforce of dedicated employees. Allow us to power your winning team.

 Training Services: 

Our teams provide BPO training solutions to our clients that suit their requirements. Role-plays, mock call situations, activities, case studies, written exercises, speech correction skills and ready reckoners are specifically tailor made for each unit of your business. All the agent training sessions are conducted with a client specific context to increase the efficiency throughout from hire to floor by reducing the pain of transition. As we know training is one of the most important attribute of staffing in any company and it plays an important role in the transition of agents in the floor. We train all our agents to hold superior standards within the required criteria assigned by our clients. We sustain a well maintained international touchstone in the trainings we offer for our BPO sections. The training sessions are conducted in the convenience of clients. Our diligent team is there in your doorstep to assist you in training your employees.